Past Performances


The following is an incomplete listing of Nathaniel Seer performances. As records are located in the archive, that information will be published here.


NOV 2016

Thursday 3-St. Louis, MO: Stone Spiral Coffee
Friday 4-Davenport, IA: River Music Experience
Saturday 5-Chicago, IL: Lily Pad House Show


OCT 2016

Saturday 1 -Chicago, IL: Louder House
Sunday 2-Ft. Wayne, IN: Laatsch House
Wednesday 5- Morgantown, WV: Black Bear Burrito
Thursday 6-Cleveland, OH: Wilbert’s Food and Music (CANCELED)
Friday 7-Port Huron, MI: LOUD Music and Apparel
Friday 7-Port Huron, MI: Raven Cafe
Saturday 8-Columbus, OH: Camelot Winery
Sunday 9-Indianapolis, IN: The Foundry
Sunday 9-Bloomington, IN: The Switchyard House Concert Series

Saturday 22-Athens, OH: Athens Uncorked


SEP 2016

Friday 30-Chicago, IL: Phyllis’ Musical Inn

Saturday 17-Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici


AUG 2016

Thursday 18-Louisville, KY: The New Vintage (Sing Me Home Songwriter Series)

Saturday 27-Yellow Springs, OH: Spirited Goat Coffee House


JUL 2016

Saturday 2-Indianapolis, IN: Thirsty Scholar

Thursday 7-Bloomington, IN: Serendipity Martini Lounge


JUN 2016

Thursday 10-Bloomington, IN: Serendipity Martini Lounge



AUG 2015

Sunday 16-Bloomington, IN: House Show



DEC 2014

Saturday 6-Bloomington, IN: House Show



NOV 2012

Sunday 25-Bloomington, IN: The Bishop



AUG 2010

Saturday 14-Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici



NOV 2009

Fri 6- Pittsburgh, PA: Howler’s

Sat 7- Philadelphia, PA: Greenline Café

Tue 10- Rochester, NY: Boulder Coffee Co.

Wed 11- Ithaca, NY: The Shop

Thr 12- Jamestown, NY: Labyrinth Press Co.

Fri 13- Columbus, OH: Victorian’s Midnight Café

Sat 14- Charleston, WV: Taylor Books

Sun 15- Johnson City, TN: Acoustic Coffee House

Tue 17- Knoxville, TN: WDVX- Blue Plate Special

Wed 18- Evansville, IN: Deerhead Tavern

Thr 19- Champaign, IL: Aroma Café

Fri 20- Madison, WI: The Frequency

Sat 21- Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground (Devon)




Thursday Aug 20- Indianapolis, IN: The Upper Room

Friday 28- Ft. Wayne, IN: Fahrenheit House

Saturday 29- Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici

Sunday 30- Cincinnati, OH: Northside Tavern

Tuesday 1- Jamestown, NY: Labyrinth Press Company

Wednesday 2- Ithaca, NY: The Shop

Thursday 3- Rochester, NY: Boulder Coffee Co.

Friday 4- Philladelphia, PA: Satellite Coffeehouse

Saturday 5- Norfolk, VA: Borjo Coffee House

Monday 7- Arlington, VA: Galaxy Hut

Tuesday 8- Gambier, OH: Village Inn

Wednesday 9- Bloomington, IN: House Show

Thursday 10- Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground (Clark)

Friday 11- Chicago, IL: The Store

Saturday 12- Madison, WI: Kiki’s House Show

Tuesday 15- Davenport, IA: Mojo’s

Wednesday 16- Des Moines, IA: Mars Cafe

Thursday 17- La Crosse, WI: The Root Note Noon Show

Saturday 19- Kenosha, WI: The Nook




Thursday 18- Bloomington, IN: House Show

Friday 19- Cincinnati, OH: Southgate House Lounge

Saturday 20- Louisville, KY: Highlands Taproom

Sunday 21- Johnson City, TN: Acoustic Coffeehouse

Wednesday 24- Lexington, KY: Natasha’s Café

Thursday 25- Charleston, WV- The Empty Glass

Friday 26- Norfolk, VA: Borjo Coffee House

Saturday 27- Philadelphia, PA: Milkboy Coffee

Monday 29- Arlington, VA: Galaxy Hut

Tuesday 30- Thomas, WV: Purple Fiddle

Wednesday 1- Columbus, OH: Victorian’s Midnight Café

Thursday 2- Indianapolis, IN: Melody Inn

Friday 3- Champaign, IL: Parks Concert

Friday 3- Kenosha, WI: The Nook Café

Sunday 5- Madison, WI: The Frequency

Thursday 9- Two Rivers, WI: Stumpjack Coffee House

Friday 10- Ft. Wayne, IN: Firefly



JAN-FEB 2009

Thursday 15-Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground (Clark)

Friday 16-Two Rivers, WI: Stumpjack Coffee House

Saturday 17-Madison, WI: The Frequency

Sunday 18-Sheboygan, WI: Paradigm Coffee House

Thursday 22- Louisville, KY: Highlands Taproom

Friday 23- Bloomington, IN: Apostle K House Show

Saturday 24- Ft. Wayne-: Firefly Coffee House

Wednesday 28- Cleveland, OH: Barking Spider

Thursday 29- Pittsburgh, PA: Howlers

Friday 30- Ithaca, NY: Felicia’s Atomic Lounge

Saturday 31- Rochester, NY: Boulder Coffee Co.

Sunday 1- Philadelphia, PA: Satellite Coffee House

Monday 2- Arlington, VA: Galaxy Hut

Tuesday 3- Greenbelt, MD: New Deal Café

Wednesday 4- Charlotte, NC: Evening Muse

Thursday 5- Knoxville, TN: The Knoxville Pearl

Friday 6- Charleston, WV: The Empty Glass

Saturday 7- Cincinnati, OH: Southgate House




Friday 26- Chicago, IL- House Show

Saturday 27- Des Moines, IA: Mars Café

Monday 29- Columbia, MO: Cherry Street Artisan

Tuesday 30- St. Louis, MO: Pops Blue Moon

Thursday 2- Cincinnati, OH: Speckled Bird Café

Friday 3- Indianapolis, IN: Lazy Daze

Saturday 4- Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici

Monday 6- Cleveland, OH: Barking Spider

Tuesday 7- Gambier, OH: Village Inn

Wednesday 8- Pittsburgh, PA: Howler’s

Thursday 9- Rochester, NY: Boulder Coffee

Friday 10- Ithaca, NY: Lost Dog Lounge

Saturday 11- Syracuse, NY: Funk and Waffles

Sunday 12- New York, NY: Sidewalk Café

Monday 13- Arlington, VA: Galaxy Hut

Thursday 16- Charleston, WV: The Empty Glass




Friday July 25- Ft. Wayne, IN: Requirement House

Saturday July 26-Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici

Sunday July 27- Chicago, Il: Quenchers

Tuesday July 29- Des Moines, IA: Mars Café

Wednesday July 30- Omaha, NE: Mick’s

Thursday July 31- Kansas City, MO: Skinless Gallery

Friday August 1- O’Fallon, IL: The Coffeehouse

Saturday August 2- Louisville, KY: Jennica’s Wine Bar

Sunday August 3- Johnson City, TN: Acoustic Coffee House

Tuesday August 5- Knoxville, TN: The Knoxville Pearl

Wednesday August 6- Lexington, KY: Natasha’s Bistro

Thursday August 7- Charleston, WV: Empty Glass

Friday August 8- Alexandria, VA: Cameron Perks

Saturday August 9- Ithaca, NY: Lost Dog Lounge

Sunday August 10- Rochester, NY: Boulder Coffee Co.

Wednesday August 13- Pittsburgh, PA: Howlers

Thursday August 14-Columbus, OH: Ruby Tuesday

Friday August 15- Cincinnati, OH: Zen and Now Coffeehouse

Saturday August 16- Evansville, IN: Penny Lane Coffeehouse

Sunday August 17- Bloomington, IN: House Show




Friday 30-Bloomington, IN: Max’s Place

Saturday 31-Chicago, IL: House Show

Sunday 1-Madison, WI: Montmarte Café

Monday 2-St. Paul, MN: Station 4

Tuesday 3-Des Moines, IA: Java Joes

Wednesday 4-Lincoln, NE: Crescent Moon Coffeehouse

Thursday 5- Kansas City, MO: The Rotisserie

Friday 6-Evansville, IN: Duck Inn

Saturday 7-Lousiville, KY: Jennica’s Wine Bar

Sunday 8-Toledo, OH: Village Idiot

Tuesday 10-Wooster: Seattle’s Coffee House

Wednesday 11-Pittsburgh, PA: Howlers

Friday 13-Rochester, NY: Boulder Coffee Co.

Saturday 14- Syracuse, NY: Funk and Waffles

Sunday 15-Arlington, VA: Galaxy Hut

Tuesday 17-Thomas, WV: Purple Fiddle

Wednesday 18-Morgantown, WV: 123 Pleasant St.

Thursday 19-Charleston, WV: Empty Glass

Friday 20-Cincinatti, OH: Blue Rock Tavern

Saturday 21-Indianapolis, IN: Indy Hostel-Donation



DEC 07-JAN 08

Thursday 27-Louisville, KY: Jennica’s Wine Bar

Friday 28-Ft. Wayne, IN: Fahrenheit House

Saturday 29-Wooster, OH: Seattle’s Coffee House

Sunday 30-Ithaca, NY: Felicia’s Atomic Lounge

Wednesday 2-College Park, MD: College Perk Coffee House

Thursday 3-Charleston, WV: The Empty Glass

Friday 4-Thomas, WV: Purple Fiddle

Saturday 5-Columbus, OH: Barb’s House Concert

Saturday 12-Chicago, IL: House Show



APR 2007

Friday 13-Elizabethtown, KY: Backstage Cafe

Friday 20-Ft. Wayne, IN: Dragon’s Keep



MAR 2007

Friday 2-Muncie, IN: Ball State University

Saturday 3-Ft. Wayne, IN: Firefly Coffee House

Friday 9-Indianapolis, IN: The Abbey

Saturday 10-Cincinnati, OH: House Show

Friday 16-Bowling, KY: Spencer’s Coffee House

Saturday 17-Nashville, TN: Christopher Pizza Co.

Friday 30-Charleston, IL: The Uptowner

Saturday 31-Bourbonnais, IL: Moon Monkey Coffee House



FEB 2007

Saturday 3-Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground

Friday 16-Terre Haute, IN: Coffee Grounds

Saturday 17-Charleston, IL: Jackson Avenue Coffee


JAN 2007

Friday 19-Louisville, KY: Sunergos

Saturday 20-Cincinnati, OH: East End Cafe

Thursday 25-Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Memorial Union

Friday 26-Ft. Wayne: Higher Grounds

Saturday 27-Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici



DEC 2006

Friday 8-Indianapolis, IN: Melody Inn

Saturday 9-Ft. Wayne, IN: Lee Miles House Show

Friday 15-Louisville, KY: The Pour Haus


SEPT 2006

Friday 15-Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground (Clark)

Saturday 16-Bourbonnais, IL: Moon Monkey Coffee

Saturday 23-Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici

Monday 25-Louisville, KY: Jennica’s Wine Bar



AUG 2006

Thursday 10-Cincinnati, OH: Kaldi’s

Friday 11-Columbus, OH: Victorian’s Midnight Cafe

Saturday 12-Cleveland, OH: Arabica Coffee House

Sunday 13-Ithaca, NY: Felicia’s Atomic Lounge

Monday 14-Fairfield, CT: Las Vetas Lounge

Tuesday 15-Brooklyn, NY: Stain Bar

Wednesday 16-College Park, MD: College Perk Coffee House

Thursday 17-Morgantown, WV: Blue Moose

Friday 18-Louisville, KY: Logos Coffee House

Saturday 19-Indianapolis, IN: Locals Only



JUL 2006

Friday 14-Bourbonnais, IL: Moon Monkey Coffee House

Friday 28-Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground

Saturday 29-Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici


JUN 2006

Saturday 17-Indianapolis, IN: The Abbey



MAY 2006

Friday 12-Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground

Saturday 13-Findlay, OH: Coffee Amici


APR 2006

Friday 7-Bloomington, IN: Max’s Place


MAR 2006

Saturday 25-Nashville, TN: Springwater Supper Club



FEB 2006

Friday 17-Lexington, KY: Common Ground

Saturday 18-Danville, KY: The Hub



MAR-APR 2005

Saturday 26-Roanoke, VA: Mojo Cafe

Sunday 27-Asheville, NC: Gray Area

Monday 28-Nashville, TN: Springwater Supper Club

Tuesday 29-Louisville, KY: Old Louisville Coffee House

Wednesday 30-Evansville, IN: Wired Coffee House

Thursday 31-Indianapolis, IN: Vic’s Coffee Cafe

Friday 1-Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground (Clark)

Saturday 2-Cincinnati, OH: Zen and Now Book Cafe

Sunday 3-Pittsburgh, PA: MoJoe Coffee House

Wednesday 6-Alexandria, VA: St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub




Friday 27-Indianapolis, IN: Melody Inn

Saturday 28-South Bend, IN: Lula’s Coffee House

Sunday 29-Chicago, IL: Uncommon Ground

Monday 30-Cincinnati, OH: Zen and Now Book Cafe

Tuesday 31-Toledo, OH: Brewed Awakenings

Wednesday 1-Columbus, OH: Victorian’s Midnight Cafe

Thursday 2-Huntington, WV: Calamity Cafe

Friday 3-College Park, MD: College Perk Coffee House

Saturday 4-Beacon, NY: chThonic Clash Coffee House

Sunday 5-New York, NY: Sidewalk Cafe

Wednesday 8-Columbia, SC: Art Bar

Thursday 9-Asheville, NC: Fred’s Speakeasy

Friday 10-Lexington, KY: Common Ground

Saturday 11-Evansville, IN: Penny Lane Coffee House

Sunday 12-Bloomington, IN: Gallery West Espresso